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HVC? What’s That?

HVC stands for Highest Value Contribution. It is the highest level of functioning at which a professional performs, providing the most value to clients and the firm AND experiences great personal satisfaction and professional fulfillment.

When I see partners doing work that someone their junior could be doing, they aren’t contributing at their highest level. When partners are involved in activities that someone else could do (think administration), they aren’t making the kind of contributions they could be making. The time that partners spend with things others could do, they aren’t available to function at their highest levels. In fact, partners actually rob others of the opportunity to function at their HVC.

Now, I’m a realist. We both know that there are times when you have to function below your HVC. Client or regulatory deadlines, no one available, no one trained–these and other reasons engage you in work that you shouldn’t be doing. That’s life.

But that’s not the point. The key issue is what are you doing to maximize your HVC? How are you minimizing your work that others should be doing?

Everyone has a next level and should be aspiring to function in it. With the PartnersCoach®, you will discover and refine your HVC, identify the barriers and constraints that keep you from it and develop personal strategies to make it a reality.

If you can do it on your own, go for it. You, your clients and your firm will all benefit from it. If you can’t, contact me. You, your colleagues and your staff deserve better. There’s a better “you” to offer.

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