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Partner-Pipeline® Program

– Equips your people to be high performers
– Begins at the entry level through senior managers
– Develops well-rounded CPAs

Partner-Ready Program

– Prepares partners for YOUR firm
– Identifies capabilities using validated assessments
– Develops customized individual plans
– Provides coaching to fulfillment of goals

Professional Development Map Program

What It Is

Begin the New Year with a Professional Development Map that will enable you to accomplish what is truly important. For the equivalent of billing a couple of extra hours, you get a map that keeps you focused and motivated. The professional coaching you receive leverages the science of human behavior and integrates it into your own behavioral style, ensuring successful execution of your plan.

Who It Is For

While just about everyone would gain from this program, it is specifically designed for professional service providers who want to:

  • Advance in their career
  • Pursue a promotion
  • Establish or expand a niche area of practice
  • Manage a team, department or firm to a higher level of functioning
  • Improve your individual effectiveness and personal satisfaction as a professional

How It Works

The Professional Development Map is produced after you take a 20-minute online Personal Style Profile, submit answers to a handful of questions and participate in two 45-minute coaching calls. The information is then analyzed, organized and assembled on a one-page Professional Development Map that is tailored to you and your goals and how to best achieve them using your personal style.

What You Get

In addition to the Professional Development Map, you will receive an 8-page Personal Profile Report that describes your style related to productivity, quality of work, imitative, teamwork, problem solving and adapting to change, with specific suggestions to enhance your strong areas and to neutralize your deficit areas. The report will also explain how you behave under stress, frustration and conflict and how to increase your effectiveness in these areas. Finally, you will learn about your natural motivational energy and how to manage and organize your environment to extract the most from your energy resource.

How You Benefit

If you’ve never participated in a program like this, you will be surprised by what you learn about yourself and how to cooperate with your natural style to get the highest results. If you have experienced this before, you know of the personal and professional benefits you receive and you will learn the finer points of tailoring and achieving your goals within your style and motivations.

The benefits you receive include:

  1. An awareness and understanding of yourself and how you work and relate to others
  2. A success map that guides you to maximize your efforts and achievements
  3. A personal-style profile that describes your characteristics and how to use them to your advantage
  4. 2 professional coaching calls to guide and direct your thinking and planning to ensure you can realistically execute your Professional Development Map.


The Service Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied, neither am I. All of the PartnersCoach® programs are fully guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations. If you are not fully satisfied with the Professional Development Map Program, let me know and I will make it right. If I am unable to do so, you may pay whatever you deem is appropriate for the value you received, no questions asked.

What’s Next

Some of you already know how to set powerful goals and you get results year on year. Continue to do so and I wish you well.

Some of you have a coaching relationship already who will guide you to set your 2012 goals. Congratulations and carry on.

Some of you need to think more about this offer. If you have questions or need more details, get in touch with me. When you are convinced you would benefit from this Professional Development Map Program, contact me here or call me 304.677.0296 to schedule your Program.

Get started with constructing your Professional Development Map. Before you know it, the year will be half over, so act now.

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