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testimonial-thomas-aTom Aman, CPA of Arnett Foster Toothman CPAs & Advisors hired Guy as an employee within the firm. Guy worked to facilitate a possible merger and some strategic planning. He also helped develop a leadership program and was involved in the operations of the firm. As an employee at the time, Guy learned first-hand the day-to-day issues in a firm.

“Guy understands the opportunities and problems in an organization and is able to be involved in the decision making and problem solving steps. It is a tremendous asset for Guy to have the experience of working inside a firm. I would definitely recommend Guy to others. He has a really good understanding of what makes people tick. His educational background in counseling prior to coaching is a strong asset that mixes well with his firm experiences,” said Tom.



testimonial-mark-tMark Topel, CPA, CFP, Partner of Whitley Penn first met Guy as a facilitator for the Rainmaker Academy. Shortly after graduating from the program, he hired Guy to lead a firm-wide program that provided skills such as client service, business and staff development, and leadership to managers and partners within the firm.

“There are many people in the service industry, but what separates Guy is his experiences working within a CPA firm. When Guy teaches in the classroom, he provides real life experiences of things that were implemented and worked for other firms. Oftentimes, when people are asked to be partners they receive 80-90 percent of their training in technical areas. Guy teaches business development, leadership, staff training, and client service, so when people become partners, it’s an easier transition and they don’t have to morph themselves into something they aren’t. I’ve recommended Guy to many other firms. Firms that emphasize the skills Guy teaches, differentiate themselves. That’s the bottom line and an important issue. Guy not only comes with a program but has lived it, practiced it, and can speak from experience. He will make individuals and firms stretch to make them better individually and collectively,” said Mark.



testimonial-craig-sCraig Springer, CPA, Partner at Maillie LLP, initially met Guy through the Rainmaker Academy as a facilitator. After this experience Craig’s firm hired Guy to consult on strategic planning objectives. The firm was in a transition period with a partner and Guy helped them firm through the process.

“Guy’s approach was unique in that he was very hands on, easy going, and easy to get in touch with. He structured a plan that was easy to follow thru on and keep in motion. Guy’s personality is really easy to work and deal with. He’s different form other coaches in his personal touch and easy going style in tense moments. Guy is good at observing and gave honest feedback about a partner that was adversely affecting our firm. He then developed a process to move forward from that. I would absolutely recommend Guy and I have actually introduced him to others. I love working with Guy. He is a great person, excellent professional, and really does a great job with what he does,” said Craig.

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