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Partner-Ready Program

This program is different from other “partner preparation” programs in that the goal isn’t to complete a course, but to become partner-ready as a partner in YOUR firm. The Development Plan is customized to individual candidates, based on the personal style, interests, motivation and input from other firm leaders. In order to create a customized development plan, the candidate’s interest, motivation and innate capabilities are assessed and a plan is put into place that the candidate is committed to.

  • Candidate completes a “Statement of Why?”
  • Validated assessments are used to determine innate capabilities
  • Interviews are conducted with the candidate and their supervisors
  • A Development Plan draft is developed for leadership approval. It contains areas of concentration, implementation plan with milestones and metrics of success

With the Partner-Ready Development Plan in place, everyone knows what is important to demonstrate and achieve. Frequently, the implementation includes

  • 2 firm visits per year for instruction, coaching, and feedback from the candidate and others.
  • Interim coaching schedule to ensure follow through, motivation and accountability

With all this in place, it will be known to the candidate and the firm leaders when the candidate is partner-ready.

Contact me to determine if this approach is the right one for your partner-potential candidates. It may or may not be and there is no sense in going down this road if it won’t achieve the desired results.

How to Get Started

The future of your firm depends on your ability to develop capable leaders. It is time to invest in a proven approach to professional development.

Simply contact Guy ( to set up a call for more information on the program, determine if your firm is prepared for and would benefit from instituting the Partner-Pipeline, and any next steps if needed. No obligation or expectation.

Ready to Learn More?