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by Guy Gage | October 13, 2019 | Business, Performance, Personal Management

Are you are concluding an exceptionally busy time? Or are you still in the midst of it? Or worse, is there no end in sight? Regardless of your situation,you must refresh and renew. If you don’t interrupt yourself and your work, your days and career will turn into a hamster wheel if you’re not careful.

The Wheel Of Death

You perpetuate being on the wheel when you continue your patterns and practices. Starting work at the same time, going through the same routines, eating the same meals at the same time at the same place and feeling the same way about what you’re doing all contribute to being on the wheel. Other than the date on the calendar, one day looks and feels like the last one.

In order to protect yourself from the dreaded wheel of death, you have to get off of it because it’s not slowing down just for you. You can’t expect things outside of you to change. You have to change from the inside.

Get Off The Wheel

Here are some things you can do to interrupt your grind.

  1. Change up your routines in some way. For instance, take a different way to start your day. Or change your start time. Alter your morning routine. Check your email in reverse order. Anything to be different. This will be challenging because there is personal comfort in doing things the same. Familiarity bias will insist you remain on the wheel.
  2. Reconnect with your colleagues and your clients. When you’ve been consumed with work, maintaining your relationships is the first to go. Schedule time to connect. Better still, get to know someone new. This alone will force you off the wheel in a hurry.
  3. Going forward, what will you do more of or less of for the next few months? Spend more time doing what you love and interests you is most powerful. Next is letting go of things you should have let go of already. Suddenly your day is more enjoyable.

Get Off Now

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. The question that remains is what you will do. If you were to commit to one thing that will get you off the wheel, what would it be? A change in your work patterns? Reuniting with colleagues? Spending more time on your passions? Commit to something and follow through.

Just remember: the wheel of death is lurking, so refresh and renew. Now.

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